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Dosa(Korean Mastiff)

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Tosa Inu

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Korean Mastiff Dosa & Dosa Korean Mastiff & Mee-Gyeon Dosa Breeders Kennels & Tosa Inu Dogs Puppies

Top quality and purebred puppies for sale.

We ship worldwide.


We ship worldwide by all airlines,
you receive your puppies very healthy,
quickly and safely in a day or up to 2 days.
We inform you airfreight
and airplane number at that time,
and then you receive your puppies
from your Int'l Airport
simply and right away.
The information you need to inform us
is only your international airport name,
address, telephone number and your name.
We use Varikennel pet crate to ship.

Tosa Inu puppies and Korean Mastiff puppies to be shipped by airplain   Varikennel for air freight delivery

Biggest, Heaviest, Gorgeous
DOSA(Korean Mastiff) is the biggest dog in South Korea, They are also the most popular and heavy big dog.
Dosa is purebred. they are bigger than Neapolitan Mastiff and very attractive and lovely dog like big Teddy Bear that you would want to hug.
Dosa is docile with other people and other animals.


Purebred, Original Tosa Inu

(New Birth)

Korean Mastiff Dosa, Dosa Korean Mastiff, Mee-Gyeon Dosa Breeders Kennels & Tosa Inu Dogs
Presidents: Min-Woo, Lee & Yong-Ho, Kim
Address: 136-12, Yeosu-city, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Tel: +84 961 288 2514

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